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ID cards are in higher demand than ever and the demand for cheap, effective ID Card printers has grown massively.

Fortunately, ID printers have come a long way from the huge complex industrial machines they once were. ID printers ar now, smaller, faster and more accessible than ever before. CardLogic supply a huge range of printers from the worlds leading brands. We have a machine to suit every need and budget.

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Find your perfect ID Card Printer

With the rise in popularity of card printers comes a level of confusion. The sheer number of models, features and prices can be enough to make your head spin. But, we’ve whittled it down to the essentials to keep in mind when you want to start your own ID Card program.

1) Single or Dual-Sided Printer
Most ID Card printers will have the option of single or dual-sided printing. At the risk of sounding obvious, if you only need to print on one side, a single-sided machine is the one for you. Bear, in mind if you need to print dual-sided cards you don’t definitively need a dual-sided printer, you can manually flip the card to print on the back. Dual-sided Id Printers just add a measure of convenience which is particularly useful for large print runs.

2) DTC or Reverse Transfer
This will largely come down to the print quality for your ID Cards. DTC (Direct to Card) printers are the cheapers and most common type of ID printer. They are fast and reliaable with the caveat of a lesser print quality and a slight white border around the card edge. Retransfer printers offer the highest print quality and print over the edge of the card. Of course, they are more expensive but will ensure, you get HD ID cards with photorealisitc quality.

3) Volume Requirements If you need to print large volumes of ID cards, you’ll likely want a card with large input & output hoppers. The hoppers are the input and output casings for the card. Larger hoppers mean less work and more prints.

4) Security & Lamination

Lamination can be used to add security holograms to your ID Cards. These are usually reserved for institutions with sensitive information such as colleges or government bodies.