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Get your brand noticed today; print your own custom lanyards with CardLogic. We have been providing lanyard printing services in Ireland for over a decade. Whether its for promotional, entertainment, secuirty or just for fun, lanyards are a great way to stand out.

We can customise your lanyards to your exact specifications : colour, logo, text and attachments can all be changed to suit your preference.

Lanyard Printing | Easy as 1 2 3 4

  • 1). Fill our our form and outline your vision for your lanyard

  • 2). We design your card & send a proof

  • 3). Order is approved & sent to print

  • 4). Order is dispatched to you

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Get your message across: Want to make a statement? Or just want to build your brand, Lanyard printing is a great way to accomplish either. Worn around your neck, they immediately attract attention – functional on many levels.

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Lanyard Printing Specifics

Personalise your lanyard with your logo, message or slogan. Lanyard printing can be completed single or dual-sided. All our lanyards have a premium quality satin-finish with a choice of clip and safety breakaway.

When it comes to customizing your perfect lanyard, there are a number of options available to you.

Colour: Lanyards are available in all the colours of the rainbow with or without contrasting text.

Choose from a chrome, black or coloured clip to add the finishing touches to your lanyard.

Add your company logo, name or slogan to your lanyard.

custom lanyard printing

Retractable Lanyard Printing

Add a badge reel to the end of your lanyard to further increase convenience. This allows for quick and easy access to swipe cards or badges. Once release, the extended cord simply snaps back into the reel and out of harms way. These lanyards are particularly useful at events or buildings where secure access is extremely important. We can print on both the lanyard and the badge reel in these cases for those who wish it.

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When it comes to lanyard printing and personalisation, one of the most important features to take into account is the safety breakway. This option allows the lanyard to “break” away from the neck if excessive force is applied e.g if the lanyard is caught in machinery.
One of the most important features of a lanyard is to have a safety breakaway on the lanyard itself. If the lanyard becomes caught or entangled it will “breakaway” from the neck without excessive force being experienced by the person wearing it. This is particularly important where the lanyard and ID card holder are being used in a Manufacturing or similar environments.

LANYARD Personalisation

Lanyards can be custom made especially for you to include special printing, colours, widths, materials and can even accommodate multiple ID cards using special card-holders either in portrait or landscape orientation. Custom lanyard designs and very visual way to stand out from the crowd and are very cost-effective to create. Call us for a chat and let us walk you through the process of creating something that is well worth doing.


Another important feature – the lanyard attachment that physically attaches to your card holder. We have various options including lobster, plastic metal and retractable attachments.

Lanyards may be purchased in most plain colours or they can be printed with your corporate name and logo. If you require a quote or further information or would like sample, please contact our sales team on 056 7712650 or email: sales@

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