Epad Signature Pad

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Easy to use, low-cost signature pad.

Epad Signature Pad


ePad is ePadlink’s entry-level signature capture device suitable for any environment. IntegriSign eSignature software offers plug-ins for Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook as well as Adobe Acrobat. So, you can start esigning out of the box.

The Worlds most advanced Signature Pad

This portable electronic signature capture device produces legally-binding esignatures in seconds. So you can sign a document hundreds of miles away without ever leaving your seat.


  • Low-cost signature capture device
  • Legally-binding esignatures
  • Ergonomic design
  • Bundled with Integrisign software for Acrobat, MS Word and Excel

ePad Sign-It for capturing and binding E-signatures into Acrobat 4.0 documents use the input pad designed for use with Windows computing platforms. The 91x53mm signing area operates with a resolution of 300 dpi in absolute mode (pen input) or 150 dpi in relative mode (mouse pointing), so that it can easily be implemented into notebooks.