smart 30s card printer

Smart 30S Card Printer

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The Smart 30S printer is a single-sided plastic card USB printer from IDP. Simple to set-up, you just plug in, connect your USB and go – you'll be printing your own plastic ID cards or membership cards in next to no time.

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Smart 30S Card Printer : Entry level printing

Smart by name, smart by nature:  The IDP Smart 30S Card Printer is the latest single-sided plastic card printer from Smart. With its intuitive plug-and-play set-up, you can be up and running in next to no time. What is more, the 30S can print a full-colour card in less than 30 seconds.  Simply put, the speed and cost-effectiveness of this printer is nothing short of brilliant!

The Smart 30s printer: Low Cost, simple to use, highly reliable

This printer provides real value for money with its outstanding, consistent performance, reliability and ease of use.  With real-time print status, you’ll always be aware of what supplies you’re using and what you may need.  Thanks to  Smarts whisper quiet technology, you’ll never even notice that the printer is running.  The IDP Smart 30s printer offers cost-effective security on every card you print with a unique YMCKFO UV Printing Ribbon!

Above all, this marvelous printer comes with a Five Year Warranty, but with its rigorous testing and intensive quality control, it’ll be incredibly unlikely that you will ever have to use it! Use this printer for the production of employee, student, health, travel, loyalty and a thousand other cards!

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  • Low-cost entry level printing
  • Extreme reliabilty
  • Easy to use; easy to maintain
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty