Smart 51 Secure GDPR Card Printer

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  • Ultra-secure GDPR compliant printer
  • Prevent unuathorised access to printer data
  • Prevent unuathorised removal of printer

GDPR Card Printer

Smart GDPR Card Printer

Ensure GDPR Compliance

With GDPR right around the corner, securing your print infrastructure is no longer optional. the new lesgislation states that personal data must be processed fairly and securely. This GDPR card printer ensures that the printer itself is secure – as well as the data inside.

Be Smart; Be Secure

The Smart 51 needs no introduction, it’s incredible build quality, ease of use and value for money is well established. Now, however with new legislation coming into effect, Smart has once again, become smarter. With GDPR enhanced security features that are exclusive to this machine – this secure card printer now includes a Kensington lock slot which prevents unauthorised personnel from accessing the ribbon and cards containing sensitive information. It also prevents the unit from being physically removed from its designated area.


  • High quality, ultra secure card printer
  • Lightning fast print speeds
  • Five year warranty


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