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ID cardsEvery year we produce thousands of high quality plastic ID cards for our clients. The ID cards all produced on PVC plastic cards. The cards can be supplied with your company logo printed and contact information. All of the card holder information can be easily incorporated into the design layout of the card including name, department, employee/staff number, expiry date etc.

The ID cards can be supplied single sided or dual sided. We can out company information on the reverse of the cards or a return to address in case the cards gets lost. The cards can also be purchased with extra printing and security features such as holodesign – which is a silver foil printed logo that can change colour and shimmer. This will be unique to the ID cards and so will prevent duplication or copy. Other feaures such as a signature panel allows the card holder to sign the card which shows that they are approved card holder and also the card can be used for signature verification.

Hospital ID Card

Hospital ID Card

Hospital ID card can consist of the HSE LOGO, photo of the card holder, name and departmnt. Other fields can also be printed on the card such as expiry date and issue number. Cards can be supplied with amg-stripe or printed on a smart card such as mifare or HID card in order for the card to be used for access control or cashless vending.



Staff ID CardStaff ID card

Staff ID cards are a great way of identifying Employees. A typical staff identiication card will consist of the company logo, name of the card holder, photo ID, department, employee number, expiry date etc. Cards can be supplied single sided or dual sided. on the reverse of the ID card we can print a return to address should the card be lost.



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