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World Post Calling for Using Parcel Lockers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

World Post Calling for Using Parcel Lockers During the COVID-19 Pandemic Since the WHO announced to use “pandemic” to report the global disease spreading instead of “epidemic”. However, the situation of the fighting against the coronavirus has been escalating as more and more countries are under severe circumstances where all the supplies are not enough […]

Printer Toner

8 Tips On How to Bypassing The Chip Toner HP and Disabling Electronic Chips

What type of printer is in your office? Almost all office-grade printers in the market from 2003 onward carry an electronic chip. These chips track the number of papers you’ve printed out and store other information related to your printing. However, the problem of refilling most ink tanks or toner cartridges do not reset their […]


6 ways printing technology is changing – and why it matters for your business

Modern industry is everchanging – with new technologies materialising at a frightening rate, businesses are consistently finding faster and more efficient ways to operate.  The print industry is no different. Modern printing encompasses all the traditional aspects of printing such as speed and quality, but now also takes into account smart working with cloud integration […]

Booklet Printing: What you need to know

Booklet Printing: What you need to know A printed booklet is a small, thin book with paper covers, specifically designed to supply information on a particular topic. They have a wide variety of uses such as product catalogs, manuals, programs or activity books. Most modern booklets are created using the Saddle-Stitch binding method. This method […]

How Do Loyalty Cards Work?

Loyalty Card Systems: Everything you need to know In a fiercely competitive economic climate business owners are always looking for a way to attract and retain customers, and really give themselves an edge on their competitors – enter the loyalty card scheme. A loyalty card scheme is a simple, cost-effective method for attracting, retaining and […]

Why Your Business You Needs A Loyalty Card Scheme

Why your business needs loyalty cards Card schemes are instrumental for growing  and mainting a loyal consumer base and thereby giving birth to greater profitability. One might ask: why would a company want to target their existing customers?  The answer is simple. It is approximatley 7 times cheaper to retain an exisintg customer than it […]

Magicard Pronto Review

Magicard Pronto: Review and buyers guide Perfect for smaller offices, clubs and organisations., the Magicard Pronto is perfect for those who need to print a small amount of cards daily or weekly. Specifications Single-sided Up to 3000 cards per year 100 cards per-hour 300 cards cards per-ribbon USB Connector Full Specifications Popular The Pronto is […]