ID Card Applications: Corporate

ID Card Applications: Corporate

In this iteration of our “ID Card Applications” series, we look at the corporate space and how ID programs are used to great effect. 

In this series we dive into the corporate world and how ID cards have affected this industry. From simple identification to 
–  Improving security:  ensure the right people can access the right place at all times
– Protecting data: keeping customer information and intellectual property secure
– Improving efficiency: Issue accurate proof of identity quickly and easily
All corporations have a duty towards their staff. It is a fundamental part of any business to ensure that staff are safe, secure and protected – and not just in a physical sense. A persons digital footprint has grown exponentially in recent years and these digital assets need to be protected.  
Not only do corporates have a responsibility for personal safety, but also to protect intellectual property and customer information.
Keeping your staff, assets and data safe is absolutely paramount in the corporate space and a well implemented card system is a key part of this. 
Modern ID cards minimise the risk of security breaches and ensures your operations run smoothly at all times. 
Specific card types to address these challenges include:

The importance of upholding the security of the premises, its staff, patients and data is fundamentally crucial to any healthcare facility.

The ability to quickly issue ID cards is a fast and effective way to make sure all staff, visitors and patients have the proper identification issued quickly and easily. Our solutions keep your facility running smoothly allowing you to focus on what really matters – patient care. 

Photo ID

Visual Identity within a medical facility is crucial. Staff ID cards let patients and staff alike know exactly who they are dealing with. Visitors, security and staff need to easily identified and only appropriate people should be allowed access to wards, records etc. 

ID cards with a visual security feature can protect against unauthorised reproduction and a desktop card printer at reception can used to instantly issue and replace cards to all staff, visitors and patients. 


Modern smart cards have an embedded chip which can be used to store various information as well as restrict or grant access to a specific areas. 

Patient information such as blood group, allergies and medications can all be stored on such a chip and can be easily read at bedside by a staff member equipped with a mobile card reader. 


Physical Access

ID cards can utilise a variety of technologies to store information and grant access to certain secure areas such as records or supplies.  Access can be controlled easily using a database which grants or restricts access to certain card numbers.


There are two ways to implement such a system into a hospital. Outsource your card printing operation or purchase a card printer machine and print in-house.  Printing the cards yourself has the advantage of being cheaper, faster and gives you greater control. Outsourcing the work takes all the manual effort out of it but leaves you with a heftier bill and a longer lead time. 

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