ID Card Applications: Education

ID Card Applications: Education

In this new series on the practical applications for ID Cards, we take a look at how ID cards are applied across different industries – starting with healthcare. 

Student ID Cards
The Importance of Identity

Following on from our previous post in this series surrounding Healthcare, today we’re going to take a look at how ID cards are used in the education sector and how best to leverage them for maximum efficiency.

Every educational institution has a responsibility to their staff and students to ensure their well-being while attending the institution, ID cards can help to quickly and easily identify people on campus and reduce risk. Also, they can grant r restrict access to certain areas for certain students and even pay for food, coffee or stationery.

Traditionally, ID cards have been used in education purely as a means of identification but thanks to advances in technology can now be used for so much more

Keeping an academic campus safe and secure for all personnel is critically important for any educational institution.  A simple ID card program is the perfect solution for any educational institution to ensure security, safety and smooth running. 

Photo ID

Visual identity is an everyday part of life in any educational instituion. You need to ensure that the right people have access to the places they need to be and conversely restrict access to those who do not belong. 

Visual Identity is a simple way to achieve this, a simple flash of an ID card will allow staff, students and visitors to know exactly who they are dealing with.

Many educational institutions choose to enhance their cards with a visual security feature such as UV or holographic print to prevent unauthorized reproduction. 


Modern ID cards have the option of an embedded smart chip which can be used to store various information in addition to providing access control functionality.

Modern smart cards can contain a lot of information about a person.  Student information such as age, date of birth and even medical information can be stored within the cards chip. This can be easily read at any time by somebody with the appropriate mobile reader or app. 

Physical Access

IAnother function of ID Cards is access control.  This means cards can be used to grant or restrict access to specific areas.  Access is controlled through an external database which can grant or restrict access at the touch of a button. 

Access cards allow for greater student autonomy in schools allowing students to move between the various areas of the campus simply by swiping their cards. 


mplenting an ID card system into a school can be done two ways: in-house or outsource.

Outsourcing involves having a specialist company such as CardLogic take care of all your card printing.

In house involves purchasing a card printer and printing the cards as and when you need them.  Having an in-house printer is often the best option for schools as they regulalry need to print replacements for lost and stolen cards. 

For more information on Printed Student ID Cards, see:

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