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Stock Lanyards

Lanyards are lightweight neck straps which, when combined with ID card holders and clips, are a convenient and non-intrusive solution for most access control requirements.
Our lanyards come with a wide choice of accessories ranging from custom designs, ID card holder or access card holders to clips and full ID card printing kits.


One of the most important features is to have a safety breakaway attachment on the reel itself. If the lanyard becomes caught or entangled it will “breakaway” from the neck without excessive force being experienced by the person wearing it. This is particularly important where the ID card holder is being used in a Manufacturing or similar environments.

Bulk Lanyards

We sell our nect straps in bulk packs of 100 to provide greater value for money. If you need less than 100, no problem just let us know and we can sort you out with the quantity you need.

Choice of Clips

An important feature is your choice of badge clip – the card attachment accessory that physically attaches to the ID card holder. There are various options to choose from including metal swivel hook, lobster clip, plastic clip, badge reel and more.


Lanyards may be purchased in most plain colours or they can be printed with your corporate name and logo. If you require a quote or further information or would like sample, please contact our sales team on 056 7712650 or email: sales@

Retractable Lanyards

Adding a badge reel can easily create a retractable lanyard which allows the user to extend the cord to swipe their ID Card. Once released the extended cord retracts back into the badge reel and out of harms way. Retractable cords are often used at events and buildings where secure access control is required whilst reducing the risk of entanglement or loss.

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